Horsing Around Clothing


Horsing Around has been created to provide your clothing needs

We can supply you with T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polos and even Onesies! We can also supply and personalise Numnahs, Rugs and Socks, everything a Horse lover needs.

You don’t just have to be into Horses… but it helps… we can also supply you with your own personalised clothing items.

Horsing Around came about as an idea during lockdown, meeting people while creating ‘lives’ on social media, spending time with my Horse and the Horsie world, and a lifetime love for clothing and the fashion world.

Horsing Around is based in Norfolk as a brand to provide, clothing, merchandising, personalisation and of course Vlogging.

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Angela Stannard
6 Hamilton Close, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7TA


07766 850874